The Master Plan Management SystemTM

When partnering with Schwan Financial Group, you will find the greatest success by engaging with our Master Plan Management SystemTM. This proven system takes the complex and makes it simple and actionable, resulting in the attainment of your ideal outcomes. The first step in our process of building a master plan is discovery.

Throughout the process we bring clarity, confidence and capability to your plan.

Building Your Master Plan Begins with the Ideal Plan Process

PHASE ONE: Where You Are

We provide vivid clarity of your current situation through listening and modeling so you realize the difference between where you think you are, where you actually are and discover what your ideal plan is for the future.

PHASE TWO: Where You Want to Be

With your goals clearly in mind, we present to you the results of your current plan versus our proposed plan. By providing you with a defined starting point and developing measurable situations you will gain the motivation and confidence to act on your complete plan.

PHASE THREE: The Plan to Get There

Time frame can vary depending on the plan structure This is where everything comes together. Plan implementation is completed. Ongoing management begins.

The Lifetime ConnectorTM

The establishment of a Master Plan is just the beginning. Ongoing management is a rhythmic, year-round, lifelong, all-encompassing activity and affects every facet of your financial framework. We work tirelessly to ensure that your plan remains on the right track.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your unique situation.